- Sustainable Seafood Share -

Sustainable Fish & Seafood Selections
from Ensenada y Veracruz

We are excited to offer a fish and seafood program that highlights responsible fishermen in Mexico.

The selection comes from Ensenada and Veracruz, shipped fresh by air cargo, then to your door.

Each month we will curate selections based on harvest cycles and catch methodology.

We will also alert you to seasonal specialties direct from the docks.

You can select from a Wild-Caught Fish Share or a Sustainable Seafood Share.

We also offer Seafood Paella Kits with everything you need to make this traditional rice dish.

Specialty items, such as fresh bacalao and live scallops, can be added to your order at market price.

Orders will be placed when we receive enough members to qualify for minimum cargo weight.
Our chef will share recipes upon request and is always available for culinary inquiries.

Wild-Caught Fish Share

You will receive 1-3 varieties of fresh wild-caught fish based on the season.

Price based on whole fish. We can filet and fumet upon request.

​Comes with complimentary sea vegetables.

2 kilos fresh fish - 700 MX

Sustainable Seafood Share

Select one to three types from the following list:

San Quintin Oysters, Chocolate Clams, Cultivated Mussels, Baby Calamari, Baby Octopus

Comes with complimentary sea vegetables.

3 kilos fresh seafood - 1200 MX

Fancy Seafood Paella Kit

Comes with select fish, seafood, arborio rice, market vegetables, housemade stocks and special saffron spice kit.

Recipe included and chef on call for questions!

Our Gateau Basque (here) is the ideal dessert. Sangria by request, too.

Serves 4-6 people - 1600 MX

* Available By Request *

Seasonal specials for November include fresh Black Bacalao, Scallops and Langosta.

We also have access to Tiger Shrimp, Sea Urchin, Spiny Crab and Abalone.

Fresh Local Trout is always available on demand.

Send an email to info@foodforall.mx for price quotes.


If you would like to be notified when we are assembling an order, send an email to info@foodforall.mx.

Otherwise, your order will secure your share and your money will be held in escrow until fulfillment.

We will contact you about processing and delivery schedules.