Mamá Pacha is a small workshop located in the heart of Oaxaca that was born from the search to make a rich and nutritious chocolate, made with grains without agrochemicals and that also promotes a fair economy from the countryside to the city. We want to remember the importance of manufacturing fine chocolate from the bean to the bar and giving cocoa the place it deserves as a super food.



Mamá Pacha es un pequeño taller ubicado en el corazón de Oaxaca que nace por la búsqueda de hacer un chocolate rico y nutritivo, elaborado con granos sin agroquímicos y que además fomente una economía justa desde el campo a la ciudad. Queremos recordar la importancia de manufacturar chocolate fino desde el grano a la barra y devolverle al cacao el lugar que merece como super alimento.


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    Almonds & Salt 70% | Almendras y Sal 70%

    A chocolate bar made with Trinidad cacao from Comalcalco, Tobasco. Ingredients: Cacao, coconut sugar, almonds, sea salt. 70 g | 2.47 oz.


    Una barra de chocolate hecha con cacao Trinidad de Comalcalco, Tobasco. Ingredientes: cacao, azúcar de coco, almendras, sal marina. 70 g | 2.47 oz.


    Soconusco 75%

    A chocolate bar made with native cacao from Tapachula, Chiapas. Ingredients: Cacao, coconut sugar. 70 g | 2.47 oz.


    Una barra de chocolate hecha con cacao nativo de Tapachula, Chiapas. Ingredientes: cacao, azúcar de coco. 70 g | 2.47 oz.


    Vanilla & Nibs 75% | Vainilla y Nibs 75%

    A chocolate bar made with heirloom cacao from Cárdenas, Tabasco. Ingredients: Cacao, coconut sugar, vanilla beans. 70 g | 2.47 oz.


    Una barra de chocolate hecha con cacao criollo de Cárdenas, Tabasco. Ingredientes: cacao, azúcar de coco, vainilla. 70 g | 2.47 oz.

About Us 

We are a collective of farmers, chefs, drivers and citizens in Oaxaca, Mexico, who believe that food from the land is meant to be shared. We make food multiply, we deliver it to your door, then we deliver more to your neighbor's door, too.

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