Bagel Box

  • A weekly selection of bagels and accompaniments for a couple or small family. The bagel box comes with six bagels or bialys, two dips, one savory preserve, one sweet preserve, and two housemade beverages. With your order, we will deliver more preserved items to a nearby individual and/or community that could use a helping hand.  Price in MX pesos.


    Una selección semanal de comida preparada para una pareja o familia pequeña. La caja de picnic viene con una sopa, dos ensaladas, una pequeña tarta salada, una pequeña tarta dulce, una pequeña mermelada, pan artesenal y dos bebidas caseras. Con su pedido, entregaremos más artículos preservados a una persona o comunidad cercana que podría necesitar ayuda. Seleccione el número de semanas que desea en el campo de cantidad anterior. Precio en pesos MX.

About Us 

We are a collective of farmers, chefs, drivers and citizens in Oaxaca, Mexico, who believe that food from the land is meant to be shared. We make food multiply, we deliver it to your door, then we deliver more to your neighbor's door, too.

Our Schedule

Orders received by Thursday of each week will be processed over the weekend and delivered early the following week. We will send a message to confirm your order and delivery time. Order minimum is 300MX; delivery fee starts at 50MX. Learn more here.

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Our Heritage Meat Share

We have partnered with our favorite farmer to bring you pastured heritage lamb and certified criollo pork raised in Mexico. Learn more here.

Our Sustainable Seafood Share

We are partnering with docks in Ensenada and Veracruz to bring you the freshest fish and seafood. Paella kits, too. Learn more here.

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For general information or inquiries concerning your order, please send an e-mail to You can also fill out a contact form here.

Our Signature Sweets

Our decadent tortes made with Mexican spirits and seasonal ingredients are available by special request. Learn more here.

Our Distance Dinners

Every month our James Beard nominated chef will pamper someone with a special rooftop dinner designed for one. Learn more here.

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