- Heritage Meat Share -

Pastured Heritage Lamb & Cerdo Criollo Pelón


We are thrilled to offer a meat share that honors heritage breeds raised in Mexico.

Our heritage lamb and criollo pork come from a highly regarded farmer in Mexico State.

The lamb are Dorset and Hampshire breeds raised on rotational pasture.

The hogs are a criollo lard-type breed introduced during the conquest.

You can find out more about the animals and the farm here.

You can select from a half share or whole share.

The price per kilo is comparable to US prices on heritage breeds

and less than export prices on commodity animals.

When we receive enough customers per animal, we will place an order with the farmer.

The animal will be harvested on order, broken down upon receipt, and delivered fresh.

Our chef will share recipes with each share and is always available for culinary inquiries.

Pastured Heritage Lamb

Includes rib and loin chops, shoulder, riblets, ground, kabob, stew, shanks and stock.

Half Share - Approx. 3.4 kgs (7.5 lbs) - 2000 MX (~$13 USD per lb)

Whole Share - Approx. 6 kgs (13 lbs) - 3000 MX (~$11 USD per lb)

Cerdo Criollo Pelón

Includes chops, loin, shoulder, belly, butt, shank, breakfast sausage, leaf lard, back fat and stock.

Half Share - Approx. 4.5 kgs (10 lbs) - 2800 MX (~$13 USD per lb)

Whole Share - Approx. 7.5 kgs (16 lbs) - 3800 MX (~$11 USD per lb)



If you would like to be notified when we are assembling an order, send an email to info@foodforall.mx.

Otherwise, your order will secure your share and your money will be held in escrow until fulfillment.

We will contact you about processing and delivery schedules.

About Us 

We are a collective of farmers, chefs, drivers and citizens in Oaxaca, Mexico, who believe that food from the land is meant to be shared. We make food multiply, we deliver it to your door, then we deliver more to your neighbor's door, too.

Our Schedule

Orders received by Thursday of each week will be processed over the weekend and delivered early the following week. We will send a message to confirm your order and delivery time. Order minimum is 300MX; delivery fee starts at 50MX. Learn more here.

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