- About the Project -

Our Commitment to the Community

Oaxaca Valley is a magical place, its people warm with culture, its soil rich with nutrients, a formula for communal abundance. With the pandemic, food is still being sown but many chains have been broken. It is up to farmers and chefs, drivers and citizens, to get food to the people. Our collective endeavors to do just that.


We pay producers directly, gather food in one place, and then distribute it across the valley. When one market box is purchased, another is sent to where it is needed—an individual, a small family or a nearby village. Our commitment is to offer locally grown food at an affordable price and to share the abundance with our neighbors.

Our Commitment to the Product

Oaxaca is known for food for good reason. The farmers connect with the land; the cooks connect with our bellies. The transformation from soil to table is embedded deep within culture, rich with respect for land, animal and community. We work with producers to identify crops in excess, paying them a fair market value, then we send you the best of each haul. Anything that remains is turned into delicious foodsoups, salads, savory tarts and sweet dessertsthat feed you and your family amid uncertain times. We also preserve ingredients using new and old world techniques; a way to make our food supply go further.


Portrait of a Chile Vendor, Tlacolula Market, by Jean Foss

Our Community Partners


We endeavor to partner with producers throughout Oaxaca who share our belief that food is plentiful and should be shared. We build personal relationships with our suppliers, hoping to find creative ways to support the system. In addition to our matching program, proceeds from any purchase made on our Staples page are returned in full to the producer. We are also working to establish a long-term seed sharing program with farmers in the Central Valley. And for those who are doing good work or simply need some joy in an uncertain time, we want to feed you. Click here to learn about our weekly Distance Dinners for one.